Your body depends much on the water that you drink to balance fluids in your body. Without enough water, your body cannot function just as how it is designed. Every organ of the body carries out its functions effectively when there is enough water to fuel it. For instance, the blood, our life-giving blood. The blood contains about 80% water. If there is not enough water in the blood, it will thicken. This will cause the heart to beat faster, causing your body to feel weak and exhausted. It will also make it difficult for oxygen to be transported to the brain making it difficult for the rest of your body to function well. You may lose concentration and coordination and manifest other symptoms of dehydration if you fail to refuel.

If you plan to hit the gym to workout after a day’s work, you will need one of the best bottles for gym to ensure that you can continuously hydrate as you do your exercises.

Throughout the years, there have been countless designs of diverse water bottles that have been made available. Several features were added to better serve specific functions. If you will compare several brands online or even in your local stores, you will notice that there are a lot of variations –from the height to the size, the materials used, and so on. There are many that are made to be rigid that is built to last. There are also water containers that are made to be collapsible so that they can fit in smaller spaces and are usually weigh less than other designs. Others were made have more complex caps for quicker access to its contents. The materials used also define some of the bottles functionalities. All these modifications were done to help users to find the right water bottle that will serve most of the functions they are looking to be provided for them.

If you are on the lookout for one of the best water bottles for gym, this valuable guide will help you decide which one to buy.

Plastic Bottles

Water bottles made with plastic bodies have been the water bottle of choice by many among reusable bottle users. They also remain to be the most commonly displayed in campsites, gyms, rock climbing events, and many other activities.  And there are some very practical reasons for that. Bottles made of this material is quite light, versatile, and also quite reasonably priced. Plastic is also malleable which makes it easier to have bottles with interesting designs that maximize the efficiency of the water bottle.

It also makes it easier to keep track of your water consumption as you can see the water or beverage level inside the bottle. In addition to these, plastic water bottles are also durable, hence can withstand most abuse, even from the freezer. These bottles can be used for a wide variety of activities. You can bring one along for backpacking trips and excursions that may last for more than a day. As they come in many different colors, you can even choose one that matches your backpack or your workout attire.

Even with all these features, many are still questioning the health effects of having their beverages kept in plastic bottle, since many brands are made of BPA plastic.

Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Most of the bottles made with stainless steel bodies are vacuum insulated. This feature makes them useful for hot or cold liquids. They also have various lid designs, some one-handed drinking, others for easy carrying and simplicity.

These water bottles remain the top choice when it comes to longevity and durability. With proper care, they could very well last even a lifetime. They can take the hardest beating while keeping the content intact, although they will definitely show some signs of wear like dents and scratches. If they do come with plastic caps, the caps are very likely to break even before the bottle ever will. Most of these bottles are also made from food grade 18/8 stainless steel, which make them healthier options.

Another advantage of having water bottles that are made of stainless steel bodies is their durability. There are also brands like the Hydro Flask, that does a great job of not retaining tastes from previous beverages stored in the bottle.

Glass Bottles

If you would rather have water to drink while doing your workouts, a water bottle made of glass is a better option. The Lifefactory Glass Flip Cap and Ello Syndicate BPA-Free Glass Water Bottle are among the top picks for glass water bottles. They are considered a safer option. Even well-known organizations like the Environmental Working Group (EWG) cites glass as a safe alternative. There are also designs for glass bottles that are made to fit well into car cup holders and also have smaller volumes hence are lighter and can be used on a daily basis.

These glass bottles also come with silicone sleeves which make them slip-free and also protect the bottle from breaking. Though they may fit well for a studio workout or in the office, they may be too worrisome to bring on  backpacking trips.

Collapsible Bottles

We consider this another design category as there are many who have found bottles that are made to be collapsible to be handy to be carried around even when heading to the gym for a workout. These water bottles are the best fit for backpacking as they are made to be lightweight and are quite easy to store. Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle and Vapur Element Bottle are great options for a water bottle in this category.

Why should you consider buying a reusable water bottle?

There are some very good reasons why you should consider bringing a reusable drinking bottle instead of buying bottled water or other beverage. One of the best reasons would be the money that you can save with a reusable drinking bottle. Drinking water from a reusable bottle is as safe as drinking bottled water as long as you know how to keep your drinking bottle clean and well kept.

Reusable water bottles are also better for the environment. If more would consider drinking from a reusable water bottle, there would be lesser pollution, fewer resources to be used, and lesser plastic bottles to be used.

Before you finally decide which water bottle to buy, consider the primary purpose the water bottle will serve, how you want to access your drink, what kinds of beverages would you rather have, and some other factors that will help you find one of the best water bottles for gym or for whatever purpose you intend it to use in the first place.