When you are pregnant, back pains and body aches will be common. This is mostly due to the growing baby inside your tummy. Your uterus expands to accommodate the developing baby. This puts pressure on the lower body as well as your veins. As a result, the flow of blood from and to the heart is impaired. Blood pools at some point of the veins causing varicose veins and swelling ankles and feet. Excess fluids (edema) also collects in the foot tissues. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can also cause these.

The best thing that you can do is to wear one of the best shoes for pregnancy to let your feet breathe and feel at ease while you are walking or doing any of your usual daily activity.

Pregnancy is both a gift and a curse

Pregnancy is both a gift and a curse

Women are blessed to carry life and give life to a child. It is an amazing experience that not every woman experiences, that is why it is called a gift. It is a precious and priceless gift that any woman would like to have.

Pregnancy also allows an expectant mom to have special privileges simply because the life inside her tummy is considered precious and fragile. Both the expectant mom and the unborn child is considered with great care as anything done to the mother’s body will greatly affect the health of the fetus. That is the reason why everything from the food that a pregnant woman eats to the things that should be worn will have to be chosen with  much thinking and consideration.

But as many women experience pregnancy, anyone who will be undergoing the same condition will just have to ask or reflect on another previously pregnant woman for some wise counsel in the hope that her pregnancy will be a lot better.

As we all know, pregnancy is not an  easy ordeal. Pain is one thing that matters most when a woman is pregnant. It can be a lot of challenge, but there are simple things that can make a lot of change in how you may feel. If you do this, you will have fewer pains to worry about and more time to celebrate the joys that come along as your pregnancy progresses.

Comfortable shoes are a necessity not a luxury during pregnancy

According to Marybeth Crane, DPM, FACFAS of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (ACFAS), a change in the feet size is not uncommon during pregnancy. Moreover, a permanent growth up to half a size is normal as pregnancy hormones actively cause unusual changes in the woman’s baby while you are heavy with a child.

Obviously, you will want to choose a pair of shoes that will be comfortable to wear and will have plenty of room to accommodate your growing feet while you are pregnant. Since you’re carrying more weight, you will also want to choose a few pairs of footwear that will provide your body, especially your feet, with the support they need.

To ease any feet discomfort caused by pregnancy, the ACFAS recommends wearing an extra pair of socks to lessen the swelling in your feet and ankles. Wearing a pair of footwear with arch support and plenty of space for the toes will help support growth and the extra weight that you will be carrying for the length of your pregnancy.

To find the best shoes for pregnancy, consider these tips

Let your feet breathe

Look for shoes will give some space for your feet to breathe. If you prefer shoes other than athletic shoes, opt for flat-soled footwear or any other footwear design that will allow your feet to breathe.

Opt for short-heeled or flat-soled boots

If your pregnancy falls on the colder months of the year, you will need to buy a pair of boots. Shop for a pair or that have flat soles or short heels as these will be safer when worn. It will be easier to slip or to fall when you are pregnant and you don’t want that to happen, whether or not you are having a sensitive pregnancy.

Say “No” to heels, “Yes,” to low heels

It will be quite tempting to wear low-heeled pumps. You can wear a loafer-style shoe with a low, stacked heel and still feel and look stylish at the same time. This footwear style provides better support to your pregnant body.

Look for shoes with rubber soles

Rubber soles serve as a shock absorber. Shoes with these soles will put less pressure on your knees and back. During the latter part of your pregnancy, it will be a lot difficult to bend down and tie your shoes. Slip-on sneakers will give you the same athletic look that is also stylish as well as comfortable. Slip on shoes are easier to wear than laced shoes, so you will be better off with a couple of pairs of this trendy footwear.

Go for a pair of shoes that provide ankle support

Don’t wear shoes that are just too big that your feet will lift out of them while you walk. Be sure you buy shoes that offer strong ankle support.


There are so many brands that offer a wide range of styles and design. Once you have found the right brand and design, try as many pairs as you can to make sure that you will be buying the best for your feet. It will also be best to look for a couple of pairs during the latter part of the day as it is the time when your feet have already absorbed much of the body’s pressure. By that time, your feet would have been swollen or at its largest, so it will be easier for you to determine what size of shoes to look for once you find the right style or design of footwear that you want to buy.

Find the best shoes for pregnancy and your pregnancy will be a lot easier to bear.